Deanna Shickel





I've had a passion for creating art since childhood. Primarily self taught, my art is an organic process. I love nothing more than the alchemy of transforming common materials into pieces that capture the beauty of nature. For the past 14 years I have painted commissioned paintings. More recently I have turned to sculpture experimenting with form, texture and color. Inspired by the serenity of the coast I create large, one of a kind sculptures that reflect the wonder of the sea's most majestic creatures.

I grew up in Connecticut and now reside in Hingham, Massachusetts with my husband, two children and yellow lab. We love exploring New England from the Cape and Nantucket to the coast of Maine.

About 10 years ago I needed a piece of art with visual pop on a large blank wall in my home. After a long unsuccessful search I went to work to create something to fill this space. The result was a 3 foot ivory starfish. It was perfect and still hangs in our home today. Over the years I continued to explore what I had created, essentially a 3-D canvas. After much time spent refining the process, I was struck by the idea of applying the technique to another form I love WHALES!

Like many with a passion for coastal decor I've always loved whales. Having perfected the starfish process, I went to work in my studio to create a wall mounted whale fluke. Creating these one of a kind pieces brings me much joy and I hope to pass that along to others. Many of the whale tails are crafted in the likeness of specific whale species. These unique pieces generally range from 2 ft to 6 ft in width, each one named, dated and signed.